[Tzong-shien Lin (1965-) Biography]

Mr. Tzong-shien Lin, a very prolific and versatile artist, works across a diverse range of media, including sculpture, illustrations, picture books, watercolor, acrylic, oil painting and porcelain.  His sculpture work was awarded merit in the national completion in 1986 when he was a student at Taiwan Arts Academy.  Upon receiving an MFA from Academy of Arts University, San Francisco, USA in1994, Mr. Lin came back to Taiwan and dedicated his talents to creating picture books for children. These children’s books have been widely published and won several prestigious awards for children’s literature in Taiwan.  In 2008, one of his illustrations was elected to decorate Children’s Library in the Hong Kong Central Library.  In recent years, his focus has been shifted to rewriting traditional themes in art.  He is constantly seeking new forms and new vocabulary in order to create works close to contemporary ideas and life.  Both his Gold Fish (2012) and Peony (2013) series have drawn private collectors’ and media attention.  His most recent porcelain work, richly colored, reflects his view of joie-de-vivre.



MFA, Academy of Arts University, San Francisco, USA



1992. Best Concept, Spring Exhibition, Academy of Arts University, San Francisco 

1995. Merit Award for Picture Book, Annual Good Reads for Public

1996 ,Mu-di Award, Mandarin Daily News

1995, Children’s Literature Award, Hsin-Yi Foundation

1991, Children’s Story Award, Chiao-Lian-Chi Monthly

1986, Judges' Award, National Art Exhibition

2000, Award of Excellence, Hsinchu Art Exhibition

2006, Best Picture Book, Annual Good Reads for Public

2008, Compiler-Writer Award, Annual Publications for Human Rights Education, National Institute for Compilation and Translation



1994 Solo Exhibition, Academy of Arts Gallery, San Francisco, USA

1999 Solo Exhibition, Sunshine Art Gallery, TSMC, Hsinchu

2000 Solo Exhibition, Hsinchu Social Education Center, Hsinchu

2006 Solo Exhibition, Cultural Bureau of Hsinchu County, Hsinchu 

2007 Solo Exhibition, Angel Art Gallery, Taipei

2008 Solo Exhibition, Angel Art Gallery, Taipei

2010 Joint Exhibition, Angel Life House, Taipei International Flora Exposition

2011 Solo Exhibition, Zheng-shi Art Gallery, Hsinchu

2012 Solo Exhibition, Taiwan Art Gallery, Tao-yuan

2013 Solo Exhibition, Angel Art Gallery, Taipei

2014 Solo Exhibition, Municipal Cultural Bureau of Hsinchu City, Hsinchu

2014 Joint Exhibition, 17th Beijing International Art Expo, Beijing

2014 Solo Exhibition, Angel Art Gallery, Taipei

2015 Solo Exhibition, Hsinchu Arts Museum, Hsinchu

2016 Aisa contemporary art show, Hong Kong

2016 Solo Exhibition Chang Kai Sheck memorial hall, Taipei 

2016 Kao Shung      international Art Expo

2017 Solo Exhibition  UY Art Gallery, Taichung       

2017 Solo Exhibition   Angel Art Gallery, Taipei

2018 Solo Exhibition Kaoshung Cultural Center,  Kaoshung

2018 Solo Exhibition Hsinchu  Cultural Center, Hsinchu

2018 Solo Exhibition Dr. Sun Yet Sen Memorial Hall

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